Raw VEGAN Snickers Slice!

Raw VEGAN Snickers Slice!
Serves 12
This is better than the REAL thing!!! PROMISE!
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  1. BASE
  2. 2cups almond meal
  3. 2tbsp coconut oil
  4. 3tbsp organic rice malt syrup
  5. 2tbsp 100% natural peanut butter paste
  6. 1tsp ground vanilla bean or extract
  7. pinch Himalayan salt
  9. 3cups medjool dates (remove pips)
  10. 1/3cup coconut oil
  11. 2tbsp 100% natural peanut butter paste
  12. 1tsp Himalayan salt
  13. 1/2cup roasted peanuts
  15. 1/4cup raw cacao powder
  16. 1/4cup organic rice malt syrup
  17. 1/3cup coconut oil
  1. For the BASE place all ingredients into a high speed food processor or blender.
  2. Blend until a biscuit dough.
  3. In square or rectangular (approximately 23cm) pop out cake tin or silicon mould, press biscuit dough evenly onto the base.
  4. Place in freezer.
  5. For the CRUNCHY PEANUT CARAMEL place all ingredients apart from the PEANUTS into a high speed food processor or blender.
  6. Blend for a while.
  7. When it has turned into a sticky caramel consistency, add peanuts and pulse for a few seconds to mix in (not too much you want to keep the peanut chunks)
  8. Scoop and evenly spread over the top of the BASE.
  9. Place back in freezer for at least 4 hours or until set.
  10. For CHOCOLATE DRIZZLE place all ingredients into a large mixing bowl.
  11. Whisk together until it turns into a runny chocolate consistency.
  12. Drizzle over the top.
  13. Top with crushed roasted peanuts (optional)
  1. If you would like to make this 100% raw use raw peanuts, instead of roasted.
LIVE LOVE EAT RAW http://liveloveeatraw.com.au/


  1. A friend made this last night and yup, it was better than the real thing! Thank you for sharing – totally YUM!

  2. Just made this! Awesome slice! Thanks for the recipe !! ;)

  3. I will challenge you not to eat it all without sharing. This is so good, and in moderation, good for you!

  4. Just made this, I can honestly say these are the most delicious slices ever!!im struggling to stop myself eating the whole batch… Thank you for this recipe ????????

  5. Such a yummy sweet treat. Love this slice recipe, so glad I found it. I also used cashew chunks as I didn’t have any peanuts. Yum! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi! These look great but will they last sitting out at room temperature for a good 6+ hours? Thanks :)

    • Hi Dee! All raw desserts need to be keep cold either in the freezer or fridge! Unfortunately these won’t last that long at room temperature. The chocolate will melt! Xx


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